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Insulating glass production line consisting of

Author: Parker Machine  Date:2016-08-25 10:25:23   Visitors:0

  In accordance with the national standard insulating glass production processing requirements and the Insulating glass manufacturing enterprise’s scale of production and investment, Parker machinery can do personalized configuration and customization for Insulating glass production line.

  Typically, Parker insulating glass production line consists of the following equipments:

  一、Glass cutting machine

  It can achieve the high efficiency accurate cutting full-automatically or semi- automatically cutting of original ass. CNC rectilinear glass cutting machine is suitable for insulating glass large-scale production.


  二、Glass edge finish machine

  It is used for edging and grinding for after-cut glass, to prevent glass break and protect the brush, rubber roll and other parts of the insulating glass production line,which can improve components working life . Suitable for rough grinding for the finished cutting glass, reduced glass break rate during processing.


  三、Vertical Glass Film Removing Machine

  Achieve removing the film of coating (LOWE) glass, It can operate independently, and also can be connected seamlessly with other vertical insulating glass production lines, which can realize flow line production.


  四、CNC aluminum spacer bending machine

  Achieve continuous bending for all kinds of standard aluminum spacer and different shapes of aluminum frame, to help improve the quality and grade of insulating glass.


  五、Elevator and Automatic Molecular Sieve Filling Machine(Automatic sealing glue)

  To achieve molecular sieve filling and sealing for both bended and corner-connected spacers.


  六、Butyl Coating Machine

  It is used for gluing of aluminum spacer(including curved and shaped aluminum spacer).


  七、Super-intelligent insulating glass production lines (inner and outer pressing sheet)

  Realized the process of glass from transportation, cleaning, drying, detection, location, the aluminum spacer installed, screw drive plate laminated sheet (together with the outer sheet function). Cutting (automatic overturn cutting function) automated production. The connection of pre-seting film removing machine, automatic sealing machine achieved seamless connection of insulating glass production line


  八、Rotary Coating Machine

  It is used for insulating glass after pressing, which can achieve 360-degree rotation and convenient for artificial coating operations.


  九、Two-Component Coating Machine

  It is used for sealing for insulating glass after pressing