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High-speed automatic insulating glass production line(high-speed) IGV25-S6

High-speed automatic insulating glass production line(high-speed) IGV25-S6
High-speed automatic insulating glass production line(high-speed) IGV25-S6

High-speed automatic insulating glass production line(high-speed) IGV25-S6

Application Range:

Product Introduction:
Adopt dedicated fans, equipped with special blower improves the drying effect. Fans can start grading start, to avoid excessive current phenomenon.

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Performance Characteristics And Technical Parameters


  ◆ Entire lines using German technology, the main components are all imported international brands, stable performance, easy maintenance, simple operation, can produce standard, overlength, coated, LOW-E, shaped,stepped, Triple glass and other insulating glass.

◆ Automatic identification of the glass surface coating layer to control the switching brush, suitable for cleaning coated glass. And equipped with professional clearing LOW-E glass brush.

◆ Adopt dedicated fans, equipped with special blower improves the drying effect. Fans can start grading start, to avoid excessive current phenomenon.

◆ exclusive use of multi-frequency control, multi-speed operation optimization equipment, can achieve a variety of sizes of glass running the full range of speed optimization, the highest domestic production efficiency.

◆ Large color touch screen monitor real-time status of each section of glass work, ad hoc self-diagnostic function, easy troubleshooting, you can configure remote diagnostics.

◆ Used in all parts of German industrial cleaning plastic bearings, without routine maintenance, and can eliminate the bearings rust problems.

◆ The machine adopts the advanced positioning glass aluminum mounting system enables gluing depth adjustment, positioning accuracy, easy to adjust.

◆ Assembling plate adopt the ball screw servo control, high precision after pressing glasses together, while servo control system automatically resize chip size, and long sheet automatic processing.

◆ The machine can be seamlessly connect film deletation machine and automatic sealed robot.

  Technical Parameters:

Power source:
380V (3P + N) ± + 6% -10%
Control voltage:
DC 24V
Total power:
Working pressure:
Air consumption:
160L / min
Cleaning transmission speed:
0-12m / min
The fastest working speed:
50m / min
insualting glass processing Size:
First press Minimum size:
250 × 400mm
Maximum size:
2500 × 3450mm
The second press Maximum size:
2500 × 4800mm
Processing glass type:
float - Coating glass
Insulating Glass Thickness:
Cleaning monolithic glass thickness:
Working height:
485 ± 50mm
Machine Tilt angle:
6 °
Sealant depth:
Working direction:
right - left or left - right
Size Dimensions:
Piece together the way:
CNC servo screw engagement piece
Size sheet control:
two-axis CNC
24400mm × 2800mm × 3300mm