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Insulatin glass production process

Author: Parker Machine  Date:2016-08-17 11:54:26   Visitors:0

  1、Glass design optimization and profiles cutting:

  Firstly, design suitable processing program,optimize the glass cutting sizes according to customs’ orders. Please always pay attention to the sizes of materials,use cutting oil which is volatile and easy to clean . The glass surface may not have scratches, endoplasmic uniform, no obvious defects bubbles, slag. Sort out of the finished glass with different sizes. Transport to the edge polishing machine with the cart.

  Equipment in this step: glass cutting machine


  2、Glass edge polishing,cleaning and drying:

  Glass edge polishing : edging thickness dimensions between 4-10mm, edging angular width not less than 0.5mm; if the thickness is 10mm or more, edging angular width not less than 1mm. Note during edging operation , use gently movement to avoid glass breakage and scratches. Finished glass should be transmitted to the next step to be cleaned by transmit station. Before cleaning, glass should be tested of scratches.

  The clean glass should be sorted and light-tested with oil-free clean gloves on. Check if there are water droplets, water stains and other stains on the glass surface.The washed glass should be assembled into insulating glass within 1 hour. Preferably a semi-finished glass storage trolley, to separate between the sheets and sheet glass should be assembled as soon as possible.

  Equipment used in this step: glass edge polishing machine and glass washing,cleaning part of insulating glass production line


  3、Assemble of insulating glass with aluminum spacer:

  (1)Cutting the aluminum spacer bar according to the requirements, Make spacer frames with the aluminum spacer bar bending machine and automatic molecular sieve filling machine . A continuous folded aluminum frame not only solve the four corners there may be sealed risks, should fully guarantee the desiccant service life, but also greatly increases the aluminum frame itself overall stability, which lay a good foundation for butyl rubber coating,laminating and pressing. Protect the aluminum spacer bar from oil which will affect coating butyl. (The after molecular sieve filling spacer bar should be used within 45 minutes.

  Equipment used in this step:aluminum spacer bar bending machine and automatic molecular sieve filling machine


  (2)Coating the butyl for the ready aluminum spacer bar. The glue nozzle should be adjusted to suit the spacer and ensure that the butyl coating thickness. Molecular sieve filling spacer hole and corner card connector plug must be fully padded butyl rubber. Coated aluminum frame should be hang on the hanger to avoid dust and oil contamination .

  Equipment used in this step: butyl coating machine


  4、Glass Assembling and Pressing:

  (1)Co-operating piece workers need to wear gloves and clean oil-free operation, avoiding secondary pollution. Choose the corresponding aluminum frame according to the size and model on the list. Put the aluminum frame into the correct place with locating system. Two or more glass, accurate positioning spacers. Glass edge alignment. After closing piece aluminum frame and the outer portion of the glass edge should leave 5-7MM to coat the second sealant.

  Equipment used in this step: laminating part of insulating glass production line


  (2)Insulating glass sealing function must rely on double sealed process .And the first double sealing of butyl rubber seal play a leading role, the second seal polysulfide rubber or silicone rubber is also very important because it has good elasticity. cushioning and protection, the two complement each other, are indispensable. Because polysulfide rubber has good permeability , poor sealing, and therefore use butyl rubber as primary seal, played the role of gas interval. polysulfide rubber as a secondary seal doesn’t take any load , the main function is binding buffer and protection , followed by the gas barrier effect.

  Equipment used in this step: two component coating machine


  5、Storage of insulating glass:

  The product should be placed vertically in ventilated, dry room. Either in production ,transportation or on site storage of stacking racks it should have a certain inclination. But the bottom side of the glass and the other side should keep 90 degrees to ensure the insulating glass can be placed vertically stacking on the shelves. Also note that don’t get greasy, lime and other solvent on the bottom of the glass . Because they will have varying degrees of erosion to the second sealant, thus affect the sealing performance of insulating glass.