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Insulating Glass Solution

  Insulating Glass Solution

  When you select the Insulating Glass Production Line, please consider from the following aspects:

  1. Insulating Glass Production Line size

  In current market, Insulating glass production lines are broadly divided into 1.8m, 2.2m, 2.5m and 2.7m according to the size.Purchasers can buy machines on the basis of the glass size of their own need. If the project is only for window door making, then the production line of 2.2 meters below is totally enough for clients’ need. If the clients mainly produce curtain wall, then the production line of over 2.2 meters is much better, otherwise, oversize glass can not be processed.

  2. Insulating glass production line Assembling style

  In terms of the assembling type, Insulating Production Lines are mainly divided into three types: outside assembling, inside assembling, inside & outside assembling .The advantage of outside assembling is that insulating glass with internal space bar and inner shutters can be produced. The advantages of inside & outside assembling is that they have the function and advantages of both inside assembling and outside assembling and they are suitable for making all kinds of insulating glass, so if the funds are enough, this kind of production line is better; Inside assembling advantage is reliable assembling style and performance, accurate location, and it can also produce stepped glass, while outside assembling can not finish it. What ‘s more, the cost of insulating glass with inside assembling is relatively lower, which is more affordable and suitable for new setup insulating glass manufacturers.

  3. Insulating glass production line efficiency

  The output of vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line is probably up to 1000 pieces . Compared with vertical ones, the efficiency of horizontal Insulating Glass production line is about 5% lower, and the demand of labor quantity is also greater, it shows that the horizontal ones are already on the way out. Above all, the advantages of vertical ones are much more obvious.

  4. Insulating Glass production Line purchasing cost

  In the production process of insulating glass, some can be finished by hands, such as glass cutting, two-component coating, molecular sieve filling and so on. These procedures can be realized manually. If the funds are not enough at the beginning, some relevant machines can be ignored, but if you want to produce qualified insulating glass, vertical insulating glass production line and butyle coating machine are necessary ones. Of course, high quality insulating glass can not be available if there is no insulating glass machines with excellent performance.