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How to choose the machine for different insualting glass?

Author: Parker Machine  Date:2017-08-08 14:26:14   Visitors:0
       According to the classification of insulating glass,The network application field is very wide, such as construction industry, car industry, decoration and fitment and so on. Distinguishing from the functions, there have these kind of insulating galss as below:
1. Float insulating glass
2. Toughened insulating glass
3. Coated insulating glass
       The more common insulating galss is 5+9A+5. 5 means the glass thickness is 5mm, 9 means the air part is 9mm, A is the abbreviation of air. Also have other sizes like: 5+15A+5,5+22A+5,5+27A+5,5+32A+5.
       In the glass process, different insulating glass use different machines. Specially the toughened and coated glass, need the tempering furnace and film removing machines.
       According to the requirements of the construction department, all the Parker’s machine can use for making all kinds of insualting glass.