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How to find the Insulating Glass Equipment Correctly?

Author: Parker Machine  Date:2017-07-04 14:50:23   Visitors:0
          Many customers contact us when they are ready to set up an insulating glass manufacturing workshop, because they wonder how to select the machines correctly to make high quality insulating glass. Today, Parker Machinery will spread the knowledge about the selection of insulating glass :
一. Insulating Glass Production Line
        Insulating glass production line is a kind of high end insulating glass making machines, many companies with large production capacity appreciate it because of its high processing efficiency. The whole line is equipped with German technology, main parts adopt international famous brand, which lead to stable performance, convenient maintenance and easy operation, can manufacture the insulating glass like standard glass, over length glass, coated glass, Low-E glass, stepped glass, varity glass, special-shape glass, triple glass and so on; Automatically identify coating layer of glass’s surface, in order to control brush division, adopts to clean coated glass, also equipped with professional soft glass for cleaning low-e glass; Big color touching screen can lively monitor working stage of each section, equipped with self-diagnosis function, easy to maintain, it can adopt long distance diagnosis function; The assembling part adopts servo motor and ball screw control, pressing precisely, it can adjust the size of big and small glass, and also can process over-length glass automatically.
二. Coating Machine
        Butyl coating machine is specified for hot melt butyl sealant coating onto spacer sides used in insulating glass making, which adopts German Tocks Gas-liquid supercharging technology with stable performance, can also realize the curved aluminum window coating; auto-temperature control, coating evenly; also equipped with the function of timely power on and delayed power off. Nuzzle use the latest glue extruding structure, the distance between 2 nuzzles can be freely adjusted according to spacer width; Conveying, coating can be adjusted through human-interface interface, easy to handle. In a word, it is an essential equipment in insulating glass making.
       Generally, if you want to set up a factory to make insulating glass, then vertical insulating glass production line and butyl coating machine can meet your basic need. However, if allowed to, then you can chose to use Automatic Sealant Coating Line, Two-component Coating Machine, Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine, Molecular Sieve Filling Machine and other auxiliary equipment, which will high improve the quality and efficiency of insulating glass making
        If you still have any other questions after reading introduction above, please contact Parker Machinery at: 0086-531-88075288.
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